Emergency Numbers in Venezuela



There are health concerns that cannot be prevented by vaccines. In such situations where the onset of a health problem comes, medical emergencies cannot be avoided.

This should be no cause for panic though, as there are also ways and means of preparing for an emergency situation. Getting informed about common diseases and illnesses in your area is the first step to preparation.

Medical emergencies tend to cause the most concern for expatriates. With the various health risks that can be contracted in Venezuela, one is advised to have a list of emergency numbers handy.

The general number used in Venezuela for medical, police, and fire emergencies is 171. Your call will be answered by an English-speaking operator, but knowing a few key Venezuelan terms would definitely help.

Be acquainted with the nearest hospitals in your area, and make sure to also take note of their contact numbers. You may also want to have the number of the doctor you usually have your regular check-ups with, especially for health cases that don't warrant an emergency call. Having a first aid kit in your vehicle and at home would definitely be helpful as well.

Should you feel that your safety is threatened any time, do not hesitate to call 171 to be routed to the police authorities.

Venezuela has its fair share of crimes, and tourists and expatriates are as likely targets as any other Venezuelan. Pickpockets and muggers are present, especially in major cities.

Steer away from dark streets or neighborhoods where your safety may be at risk. If possible, always travel with a companion, especially if you have to be out at night. Wear your expensive and flashy jewelry at special occasions, but not to do everyday tasks that would have you out on the streets. This is especially applicable to those who take public transportation or travel by their lonesome.

Fire emergencies require one's quick wits and quick dialing abilities. You may still dial 171 to get firefighter help at the soonest time possible.


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