Having a Baby in Venezuela



Imagining yourself taking a walk by that sparkling Venezuelan beach, holding a precious baby in your arms?

The thought of it is surreal and exciting and yes, to a new expatriate, a bit daunting. The adjustments that one has to make when relocating to a different country are never easy.

For those moving to Venezuela, you'd be glad to know that medical tourism in the country has brought about great progress in maternity care. Add to that the government's aggressive efforts to make maternity care accessible to the masses through the public healthcare system.

The first step in your preparation should involve securing international health insurance in Venezuela. Although public hospital facilities are sufficient for birth deliveries, you wouldn't have much control on accommodations and doctor preference.

For normal deliveries or uncomplicated pregnancies, public hospitals and clinics are a more affordable option. The government also provides a maternity benefit of about 66.7% of a person's earnings. This benefit is paid about six weeks before and 12 weeks after the date of childbirth.

However, if you do have private health insurance in Venezuela, then you can opt to receive maternity care in a private facility. Private hospitals in the country usually utilize more advanced equipment and provide more comfortable accommodations.

The Venezuelan law on nationality provides that any person who was born within the territory of the Republic can gain Venezuelan citizenship.



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