Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Venezuela

Travel insurance multi trip in Venezuela provides coverage to travelers who come to this South American country several times usually within a period of 12 months. Among the most visited destinations are the towering Angel Falls, the fantastic beaches of Isla Margarita and the Venezuelan diving and hiking capital, Mochima National Park.


Expats in Venezuela, who would like to lessen their travel insurance costs, can depend on International Medical Group. IMG is proud of its extensive benefits that perfectly suit the travel needs of individuals, families and businesses. For no less than twenty years now, the company has been an esteemed name in the business of world travel insurance.

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As global citizens, expats in Venezuela are aware that they have unique needs that can only be met by a unique insurance plan. For those who travel several times within a year, Atlas Professional by MultiNational Underwriters is a top choice. MNU is a well-respected insurance company that serves at least 3 million clients yearly in 130 countries all over the globe.

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