Choosing where to live in Ho Chi Minh City



Typically, expats live in apartments or villas. Those who are here for the short term will usually stay in service apartments. Foreigners can only rent accommodation as there is a law that forbids foreigners to own property in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam's largest city with a population of about nine million and 24 districts. Here are some of the top recommended neighbourhoods for expatriates like you.


District 1

This area best for single professionals or young couples since it is situated in the heart of the city. Globalisation is highly felt in this area because of the numerous fine dining restaurants serving different cuisines and imports from around the world. It is known for its higher living standards, luxurious serviced apartments and expensive rent compared to other districts.

District 2

This part of town has more parks and open spaces as well as the larger residential area. This district is preferable if you are moving in with your children. It has been a home for most Western expats and well-off locals because it gives a high standard of living. Some apartments, houses, and villas are inside a walled compound giving you the security you need for your family.

District 3

This neighbourhood is more considered as an ideal residential place for most expats who still prefer the city lifestyle but want a quieter place to live in.  It is located near District 1 which will give you a more laid-back lifestyle without missing out on the city action. District 3 apartments (serviced and not serviced), houses and French colonial villas on a cheaper rent compared to the first area.

District 7

This place is known for its vast landscape of greenery and tree-lined streets. This is also ideal if you have children since it is close to international schools, shops, and restaurants. District 7 is mostly chosen by expats with families for long term stay because of its peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

District 10

This district cheap and affordable rents are in this district making it an ideal residence for students. It has a high Vietnamese culture which will bring you closer to the locals. District 10 is close to District 1 and has swimming pools, fitness centres and café’s built to cater a student’s lifestyle.