Emergency Numbers in Vietnam



Vietnam is safe for tourists.

Petty crimes still exist such as pickpocketing and robbery, but these can be prevented from taking safety measures and reporting the incidents immediately to the local authorities.

There are important numbers that you can call in case of an emergency: Police - 113;  Medical Emergency - 115; Fire Brigade - 114 and International Operator - 110.

You can also contact your embassy in Vietnam for further assistance. Among the major embassies and their numbers are as follows: Australian Embassy - 844-825 2763; Canadian Embassy - 844-826 5840; Chinese Embassy - 844-825 3736; United Kingdom Embassy - 844-825 2510 and the United States Embassy - 844-843 1500.

Other services such as directory and paging are also available: International Telephone Service Inquiries - 143; Phone Number Inquiries - 116; Directory Assistance for Long Distance Domestic Telephone Calls - 102 and the Vietnam Paging Service - 105/ 107.

Make use of paging services for emergencies such as Hanoi ABC Paging Service 131 / 133, Vinaphone Paging Service 141, Paging Service Enquiries 106, and Vietnam Paging Service 105 / 107/.

Telephone booths are aplenty in the streets of major cities.



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