Getting Insurance in Hanoi



Vietnam's public insurance sector is still going through improvements and is still not of the best quality, but as there are several insurance companies that offer insurance products, expats in the country can still get fully covered. Both local and international that offer plans for working expats for all kinds of coverage depending on your need.

Health Insurance

Another important consideration is medical insurance. In Hanoi and the entire Vietnam, Bao Viet is the biggest insurance company. Before departing, a foreigner must check with his insurer back home about coverage.

Basic insurance plans do not provide cover in other countries, but international health insurance will. This type of policy will provide expat-specific coverage, such as medical evacuation, in which the policyholder may be flown to Bangkok for more extensive medical care. 

Home Insurance

Your home insurance policy should provide cove­rage for the following:

  • Fire
  • Burglary
  • Domestic appliance breakdown (optional)
  • Electrical appliances: Like A/C, refrigerators, TV, DVD player, stereo system, etc. The items have to be valued.
  • Valuables like jewellery, silverware, etc. This will be protected against larceny, lost during travel, etc. (optional)
  • Personal accident coverage (optional): Injuries occurring within the residential premise. This does not cover hospitalisation but covers recuperating periods at home.
  • Baggage insurance coverage (optional): This will be protected due to larceny, loss during travel, etc.
  • Workman compensation coverage (optional): Covers domestic helpers
    Renters Insurance

The Landlord is responsible for fire and water related damage. Personal insurance cover is needed to protect your own valuables. This is possible through a Hanoi or foreign based company.

Homeowners Insurance

Expats who purchase or rent an apartment in Hanoi should also purchase insurance to cover flood, fire and contents of the house, including any rare and valuable items which may require specific valuation. Some foreigners also take out an insurance policy for their domestic helper.