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Healthcare in Hanoi is generally satisfactory, but malnutrition has remained to be a problem in far-flung areas of the city.

While the government has conquered malaria as a health threat with the availability of anti-malarial medicines and treatment, there are still serious cases of tuberculosis, although they are not very common in urban Vietnamese cities such as Hanoi.

Health Preparations for Expats

It is advisable for expats to see their doctors in their home countries prior to relocating to Hanoi. This is to check if they have any medical conditions that may need special care or treatment.

"Healthcare in Hanoi is not great as there are not a lot of options. For serious healthcare related issues, many expats go to Thailand or Singapore. The French Hospital is reliable and decent as well as Family Medical and SOS Clinic."- Nathan van der Most, Expat in Hanoi, Vietnam

Another purpose might be to be get vaccinated against serious illnesses such as typhoid fever, hepatitis A and B, polio, diphtheria and malaria. These vaccinations must be given within a minimum of six months before relocation.

Health Services

Health costs in Hanoi are comparably cheap, especially in terms of costs in the UK or the US. What’s good is that with this affordability, the quality of health care is good enough for most residents’ needs.

There is no shortage of international hospitals and clinics all over the city, and the same with English-speaking medical practitioners, from doctors to nurses who are mostly French, German or American. Moreover, there are many doctors in the city who are trained and experienced both in modern and traditional oriental medicine. There are also enough facilities for the treatment of high-risk cases as with heart and stroke patients

In Hanoi, the most popular hospitals are International SOS, Vietnam-Korea Friendship Hospital and Family Medical Practice. There are also many pharmacies dotting the city. 

In any case, expatriates enjoy an extra blanket of security with international health insurance that provides emergency evacuation and repatriation benefits. It is important that coverage is obtained before moving to Hanoi.


Mosquito repellents are very useful and can even be life-saving. Mosquitoes can carry diseases such as dengue fever, which is life-threatening.

Foreigners who come from areas where yellow fever occurs should get vaccination certificates in their home countries, proving they are free of the disease. This document is a must for any foreigner older than 1, and it must be obtained within six days after exposure.

Tap water is generally safe, but it is best to drink only boiled or bottled water. The same goes for making ice or brushing teeth. The water must be sterilised before use.

Health care services and the health industry in Hanoi and the rest of Vietnam are governed by the Ministry of Health.



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