Visiting the Doctor in Vietnam



Vietnam's healthcare system has improved dramatically over the years. From being government-controlled in the past, intervention has diminished significantly, possibly due to the rapid growth of the private sector. New policies have been imposed including health insurance and health-care funds for the poor.

It is expected that government hospitals may not be at par with the western standards. However, there are modern hospitals with high-end facilities that could suit the need of the expatriates available. These hospitals charge their services at a higher cost but usually recognize international health insurance.

The recommended hospitals in Vietnam are Cho Ray Hospital, Hoa Hao Medical Diagnostic Centre and the Franco-Vietnam Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

Most doctors and specialists in these medical institutions speak English; however it would be safer to bring with you a Vietnamese friend who could clearly explain the procedures and requirements.

There is no national health insurance for the Vietnamese people, and expatriates are expected to get for themselves and their family international health coverage if this will not be covered by the employers. Before going into a hospital in Vietnam, it is a must to check whether the services you would have will be paid for by the insurance company. Hospitals in Vietnam make sure that the patient/s can pay for the services before doing anything.

Globalsurance is an independent health and medical insurance advisor in Vietnam. They offer free quotations and advice to their clients as to choosing the best plan for your needs.

The Vietnam General Association of Medicine and Pharmacy (VNGAMP) is the medical organization in the country aiming to promote the practice of Vietnamese medicine. It is a member of the Medical Association of Southeast Asian Nations (MASEAN).

In case of emergency, Franco-Vietnamese Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City offers 24-hour emergency services. In Hanoi, you can go to Hanoi Family Medical Practice and Hanoi French Hospital. The numbers that can be contacted are as follows: Franco-Vietnamese - 844-411 3333; Hanoi Family Medical - 844-843 0748 and Hanoi French Hospital - 844-577 1100.