Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Vietnam

Travel insurance multi trip in Vietnam is useful for people visiting Vietnam multiple times a year. This allows them to save on single trip renewal fees with each departure, as a single premium will be paid for all travels to and from Vietnam within a period of time. The country has been reporting high numbers of tourist arrivals, proof that the Vietnam Administration’s tourist campaigns have been successful.


International Medical Group is a well-known insurer that provides global medical coverage, including multi-trip travel insurance for those who frequently travel the world. IMG has the necessary resources, products and services, allowing it to secure travelers in Vietnam and some 170 other destinations, no matter if the trip is related to business or is simply for pleasure.

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Vietnam's expats should be meticulous when buying insurance because their needs as global residents are very different. MultiNational Underwrites, through Atlas Professional, provides top-level multi-trip coverage with the help of technology to make client experience more convenient. With MNU, plan holders can view their policies, make payments, make changes to their cover levels, and interact with customer care staff, all online.

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